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Question 1

Has your company's revenue declined over the past six months?

Question 2

Has your company's overheads increased over the past six months?

Question 3

Have you lost your company's competitive edge in the market?

Question 4

Can you afford to pay your long term debt, such as financial obligations and loans?

Question 5

Have you consolidated your long term debt with multiple financial institutions?

Question 6

Are your customers behind on payments?

Question 7

Are you behind on paying your suppliers?

Question 8

Are you behind on submitting returns and payments to the South African Revenue Service (SARS)?

Question 9

Are your employees paid according to your cash flow?

Question 10

Have you almost maxed out your overdraft facility?

Question 11

Are you behind on your payments to your landlord?

Question 12

Are you three months or more behind on your accounting and financial information?

Question 13

Is there pending litigation against your company?