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If you are in financial distress and need help with compromises between your company and its creditors, then you've come to the right place.

Section 155 of the Companies Act (2008) allows a company to restructure its financial affairs without entering business rescue. This means that your company can propose a compromise or arrangement of its financial obligations to its creditors, thereby easing it out of distress in an amicable fashion.

We can help you by drafting the proposal for a compromise, arranging and chairing the necessary meetings and applying to the High Court for an order to approve the proposal once it's been adopted by your creditors.

A compromise is a delicate procedure and should be handled by professionals. Let us help you save your company.

Relieve your financial distress,
you've come to the right place.

Procedure of a compromise

Viability analysis

Analysis of the company's financial situation.


On completion of a preliminary proposal, the company formally engages with Regen Turnaround Solutions. The final compromise is drafted.


The compromise is distributed to creditors for approval. A formal meeting is held to discuss the compromise.

Court sanction

Once the creditors accept the compromise, it is sanctioned by the High Court. Regen Turnaround Solutions facilitates the application and engages directly with attorneys on the company's behalf.


Once sanctioned by the High Court, the compromise is implemented by the directors of the company.