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Since the inception of Regen Turnaround Solutions, we have specialised in improving the bottom line of under-performing companies, saving distressed organisations and offering complete turnaround services.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to every project allows for an innovative and sustainable solution. At Regen Turnaround Solutions, we have one goal – to help our clients succeed. Our team of professionals consist of individuals with comprehensive experience in various industries and professions. Read more about our team here:

Regen Turnaround Solutions is built on the cornerstones of accountability, transparency, integrity, teamwork and professionalism.

Our team

Div de Villiers

Senior Business Rescue Practitioner

Div de Villiers is highly regarded in the business consulting sphere in South Africa. Surpassing 20 years' experience in managerial consulting and running his own business, Div has acquired the skills needed to help any company succeed.

Div has worked with major financial institutions throughout South Africa on business turnaround and feasibility assessments. He is a co-developer of the international ProNET and Process Business Skills Development Programme.

Apart from his Master's Degree in Commerce from the University of South Africa (UNISA), Div has been a member of the Board and Executive Committee of the Institute of Business Advisors of Southern Africa since 2002. Drawing on his extensive experience, Div is equipped to provide distressed organisations with practical and comprehensive turnaround strategies and business models. He is highly respected and an integral member of our team.

Ben Jones

Senior Business Rescue Practitioner

Ben Jones brings two decades of auditor experience to his role as Senior Business Rescue Practitioner at Regen Turnaround Solutions. As a champion of change, Ben is considered a specialist in engaging in compromises.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in assisting distressed organisations with their financial management, leadership and administration; Ben is an asset to any distressed economic entity. He holds a BCom Accounting (honours) degree and is a registered Auditor with the IRBA.

Ben is a valued and trusted partner at Regen Turnaround Solutions and considers financial management imperative to the success of any organisation.

Elmar Burger

Legal Compliance Advisor

Elmar Burger has in-depth experience in dealing with creditors through business rescue proceedings and liquidation. Fulfilling the role as Regen Turnaround Solutions' main Legal Compliance Advisor, Elmar delivers unparalleled customer service and advice.

With a track record of successfully achieving client specific goals and milestones; Elmar truly believes that every company is worth saving.

Prior to joining Regen Turnaround Solutions in 2014, Elmar worked with Surita Marais Attorneys' for three years, where he dealt with creditors involved with companies in business rescue. His passion and unwavering dedication to his team and clients is what makes him a formidable force and excellent team member.

Surita Marais

Associate Legal Consultant

Surita Marais is a Senior Attorney of the North Gauteng High Court. Possessing more than 15 years of experience in liquidation, she brings an assertive and dynamic legal orientated attitude to dispute resolution. With an advanced Labour Law Certificate, Surita is our team's right hand and esteemed associate.